Culbone Church


Bill – lost without an internet connection

Only WE could get lost on a coastal path!

Here we were, on our way to visit an ancient spiritual temple, in the middle of a wood, on the side of a cliff and Bill decides to get his iphone out.
The lady in Porlock information office said it was about a 40 minute walk but we had been walking for over an hour.”We can use this” he exclaimed! “it has a GPS'”
But to his dismay, there wasn’t any signal.
We were doomed!
Just then we saw the church through the trees.

It was like going back hundreds of years. Civilization was at least an hour away and this was not a good place to have a heart attack. My body felt the relief immediatly at the sight of this ancient site. Maybe it was the healing energy of the place or maybe it was just the relief that I didn’t have to walk up any more muddy hills. Next time I am going to get some nordic walking poles. Everyone round here seems to have them.


Culbone Church

Culbone Church is a little gem which is hidden away on the North Devon coast between Porlock and Lynmouth and visiting this place was the highlight of my week away.

This beautiful Church has been mentioned in both the Domesday Book and also the Guinness Book of records and it has been described as ‘the smallest complete parish church in the country’.

Legend has it that the area beyond Culbone towards Lynmouth where Glenthorne is now situated is where Jesus may have alighted on a trip with Joseph of Arimathea. This is said to have inspired a passage from William Blake’s famous poem;


“And did those feet in ancient time.  Walk upon England’s mountains green?
And was the Holy Lamb of God. On England’s pleasant pastures seen?
And did the countenance divine. Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here. Among these dark satanic mills?”

Before venturing on our coastal walk to the church I had purchased some booklets about the place from the Porlock information office. The booklets were written by a lady called Joan Cooper. I quickly skimmed the pages looking for information to confirm what I had already learned about this magical place.

Joan Cooper explains that light was built into Culbone in the form of an invisible spiritual temple long before any physical construction began. Spiritual temples were created in the etheric membrane around the earth after the fall of Atlantis for the regeneration of mankind.

Whilst walking around Culbone graveyard I came across the tombstone of Joan Cooper. She had been a Psychologist from California who had studied in the U.S.A., Geneva and Berlin. I felt a huge connection with this lady and later found out that she had lived in this small hamlet on the Exmoor coast and she had played the church organ and taught meditation and relaxation. We had a lot in common. We were both Therapists, both musical and both interested in relaxation, meditation and all things spiritual. I felt as if I knew her.

R.I.P. Joan Cooper, you’ve picked a great place to rest.

The visitors book is full of complementary comments about the church and I added my details. I couldn’t find the words to describe the place so I drew a heart symbol instead. Louise Bates Leamington spa Warwickshire <3

The Culbone teachings

1) To know yourself, starting physically through exercises, knowledge of our own body as a physical being. Leading onto mental awareness through meditation and seeing the blocks which prevent our spiritual growth.

2) To be responsible for oneself where one is from moment to moment. Consider the vibrations given off to others by the state one is in, good or bad, calm or agitated.

3) To know spiritual reality. To be aware of oneself as both physical and spiritual beings.

4) There is a purpose, a path to everyone’s life. Everyone has a golden thread to hold on to, to lead them up if they will grasp it.

5) The responsibility is personal, no dogma. You learn and teach through ones own personal experience.

Beautiful words from a beautiful place. I love you Culbone.

Love & light
Louise x

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  1. fatfairyjewellery

    Hi Lou,What a lovely post and, having just visited the place myself, know exactly what you mean. The weather was gorgeous when we went and we sat in the sunshine in the churchyard. Love your idea of drawing a heart in the visitors book!loveEllen x

  2. Louise

    Thanks Ellen, it is a special place in fact I have decided I want to live there, one day. Well not in the church but in Porlock! See you soon, Louise xx

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