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Relaxation is perhaps the most important key to health and well-being. When we are completely relaxed, our own natural healing mechanism is more active.

The benefits of relaxation include reduced stress levels, strengthened immune system, it helps to over come anxiety and depression and it can also help to lower heart rates and blood pressure.
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Busy, busy, busy!

Wow! I have been so busy over the last three months I just realised I have been neglecting my blog posts. I nearly forgot how to log in to my account its been so long.

Time flies when you’re having fun and I’ve been having loads of it over the last few months. Lots of changes have happened within my business, even changing my business name. I am now Heathcote Holistics. I have dropped the beauty side of my business and I am now concentrating on the complementary therapies and techniques that I practice. Continue reading

Creative recuperation

During March I went into hospital to have an operation. It was nothing serious but I was told to take things easy for a while and not to drive for four weeks. Well, being self employed makes taking time off work very difficult and it felt frustrating having to turn clients away. Fortunately, I have contacts with some amazing therapists locally so I was able to pass clients on to them.
I’m a great believer that things happen for a reason and taking time off from my usual routine as a Therapist gave me the opportunity to do something different.

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There’s No Time Like The Present.


For me, practising meditation is like brushing my teeth because it has become part of my daily routine.  It is about being more awake and aware and listening to my inner wisdom or in-tuition (inner teacher). It has helped me to discover an inner peace that comes only when the mind is still.
I was first introduced to meditation a few years ago when I was expecting my daughter and the health visitor recommended it for relaxation.
I remember nervously attending the first session and being pleasantly surprised to find that the other participants where actually quite normal! There were no hippies, nobody smoking ‘wacky backy’ and nobody had any flowers in their hair!

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The Aura

The Aura
The people from ancient cultures knew and understood that beyond its physical form, the human body has a pulsating, dynamic field of energy called the Aura.
 The Aura is an area of protection that we all possess and some people refer to it as their personal space or energy field.
 This invisible bubble of energy that surrounds the physical body can change in size and colour depending on how we feel. When we talk about good or bad vibes we are picking up on the vibration of other energies.
 When our personal space is invaded without invitation we feel uncomfortable and irritated and when anything comes too close for comfort we automatically pull back and our personal space shrinks. When we are feeling happy and relaxed our personal space expands.

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