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I have believed in angels ever since I was a little girl. I remember wanting to be an angel in the nativity play at primary school but for some reason I was made to wear a tea towel on my head and sing in the choir. I was not happy. I remember seeing the other girls dressed up as angels in their pretty costumes and wings and I remember feeling most put out.
As a child on Sundays at church I remember not wanting to move up close to the next person in case my angel got squashed.
You see angels as statues in Churches and Cathedrals and it always surprises me that they do not get mentioned much during religious ceremonies. It was the one bit of the church experience that I could really connect with growing up because I could feel them all around.

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I have been fascinated with orbs ever since I captured my first orb photograph years ago.

An ‘orb’ is the appearance of what looks like a flat round light anomaly in a photograph. They appear to move, when captured on a video and they can vary in size, shape and colour and sometimes they contain internal patterns and some show what looks like a face or symbols.

With the introduction of digital cameras in the 1990’s orbs have become a recently new phenomenon.

Orbs have been accepted in the psychic community as real evidence of spirit activity representing the essence, or soul of a departed spirit. Some people believe an orb is the first stage of a physical manifestation of an apparition. Others people believe they are spirit guides, angels or even fairies. Other less popular explanations include ball lightning and earth lights.

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