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Healing Water

IMG_0683How much water do you drink every day?

The adult human body is around 60% water, with the brain being 75% water and the lungs nearly 90%.  The blood is made up of a large percentage of watery serum. The lymph fluids which transport waste and nutrients around are made from the water we consume and every cell in our body owes its life to an adequate supply of fresh water. When the body does not receive a reliable supply of fresh water it has to ration what is available and cut back on certain functions. Continue reading

The Aura

The Aura
The people from ancient cultures knew and understood that beyond its physical form, the human body has a pulsating, dynamic field of energy called the Aura.
 The Aura is an area of protection that we all possess and some people refer to it as their personal space or energy field.
 This invisible bubble of energy that surrounds the physical body can change in size and colour depending on how we feel. When we talk about good or bad vibes we are picking up on the vibration of other energies.
 When our personal space is invaded without invitation we feel uncomfortable and irritated and when anything comes too close for comfort we automatically pull back and our personal space shrinks. When we are feeling happy and relaxed our personal space expands.

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My First Blog!

My First Blog!

wellHey, look at me getting all 21st century and starting a blog! It just seemed like the next thing to do after joining Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Although I don’t understand what LinkedIn is all about.

Why am I doing this? Well, I don’t want to get left behind in this technological world of communication and isn’t everyone doing this now? And I love sharing information.
I work as a Complementary Therapist in Leamington Spa, a beautiful town in Warwickshire. The “Spa” part of the name “Leamington Spa” comes from ‘medicinal’ spa waters around which the town developed. Continue reading