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Did EFT Save My Life?

It started off as a perfect day. I was on holiday with Bill (my hubby) in North Devon and the weather especially for late September was amazing. We had been walking around the Valley of the rocks admiring the scenery and dramatic coast line and then we enjoyed a full English breakfast in the café. We had planned to explore Woody Bay to find the natural tidal pool we had read about through the wild swimming website. We knew it was going to be quite a climb down to the bay but we needed to work off our full English breakfast so we were prepared for the long haul down and back. Continue reading

The Balance Procedure

Last weekend I attended an advanced practitioner training course in ‘The Balance Procedure’.

If you have never heard of the Balance Procedure I would fully recommend that you look into it. It is simple to learn and easy to integrate it into your everyday life.

This technique has been developed by award winning teacher and author, Jenny Cox who has put together over twenty years of experience in holistic therapies and personal development and created a simple technique that can be used by anyone to enable them to relax and achieve what they really want.

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